Dutch invention, a boiled egg or scrambled eggs in a minute: The Eggcheff

AMSTERDAM - After more than 10 years of research, the Dutch company Eggciting Products has successfully developed two devices that can cook a boiled egg or scrambled eggs in a minute. The benefits for food service: a high quality fresh offering, no staffing needed, time-saving and energy saving. In addition the devices make an important contribution to combating food waste.

The Dutchman Marcel Bivert travels the world for his work and is a fan of a tasty healthy fresh breakfast but doesn’t have much time in the morning. He would love a soft boiled egg just like at home or scrambled eggs made to his preferences. He couldn’t find it in hotels, self-service restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores or even that famous coffee chain. “That has to change”, thought the business-developer. He brought together a team of engineers, people from the hotel industry and a food manufacturing company. The result: two patented devices that are as simple as they are ingenious.

The Eggcheff: Very fast and fresh, no waste 

The Scrambled Eggcheff makes scrambled eggs in a minute. Fresh ingredients like, tomato, bell pepper, onion and cheese can be added and cooked to order. In the same time that you wait for your coffee! The device can also cook other breakfast foods such as oats, egg whites and other healthy options. Even a mug cake could be an option. The portions are made per consumer which means no more waste for hotels. This saves so much in avoided waste that the device pays itself back within in year.

The Eggcheff Cooker brings the cooking time of an egg from twelve minutes down to one which has never been done before. You can choose for a perfectly soft, medium or hardboiled egg. Both devices give the opportunity to serve a very fast, fresh personalised breakfast without waste rather than an industrial processed product. The slim devices can be placed anywhere as they are ventless. All this without requiring staff or a kitchen.

Check it out: www.theeggcheff.com


Worldwide interest
The devices developed by Eggciting Products use a new patented hybrid heating technique which is the most energy efficient way to cook eggs. There is no steam or
other vapours produced so there is no vent needed. Ideal for the breakfast buffet in a hotel, but also for a coffee shop for example. “Consumers can very easily and safely operate it themselves”, says Bivert. “With only a touch of a button the perfect egg can be chosen from the Eggcheff Cooker. The Scrambled Eggcheff cooks and mixes a scrambled egg and even adds the spork automatically in the cup or mug. This all happens in the same time as you are waiting for your coffee.” There is now interest worldwide for the inventions of Eggciting Products. Bivert:“Hotels, self-service restaurants, fast food chains and on-the-go retailers have all shown
concrete interest in our inventions.”

The devices will be revealed at the Host Milan in October 2019

Notes to the editor:
If you would like more information about The Eggcheff please contact Marcel Bivert at
0031 6 17 76 04 24 or marcel.bivert@eggcitingproducts.com